| Organizational purpose

We unleash the power of purpose – the why driving what you do – to transform your productivity and profitability.

Defining your business purpose is not a creative-writing exercise.

Senior leaders cannot craft your organizational purpose at a meeting or purchase it from an agency. We know this because, for a quarter of a century, companies have been turning to us when such efforts fail to deliver better performance.

| Business strategy

Uncertainty is accelerating while the half-life of leadership positions and business models is shortening. Winning in this environment takes two things: strategic insights into how the world is likely to change – and the ability to create value from those insights before the game changes again.

Leaders need to answer critical questions:

    • How will changes in technology, regulation, and geopolitics affect business economics, customer priorities, competitive advantage, and the universe of possible strategic moves?
    • Where, and with which business models, do we have the greatest right to win in the future?
    • What is our value creation ambition and agenda?
    • What is the best way to allocate capital – within the business portfolio, to transactions, and to shareholder payouts – to realize that ambition and build the strongest business possible?
  • Are our strategy and finance functions world class and able to sustain superior performance well into the future?

| Business transformation

„Always-on“ business transformation is essential for surviving in today’s rapidly changing environment. To stay ahead, companies must transform even when they’re already dominating their markets. 85% of business transformation programs fail, largely because most companies lack a disciplined approach.

We help clients beat the odds.

We bring strategy, leadership, actions, and sustainable results for your transformation.

| Performance improvement

Business outcomes are consistently measured across all industries and have been for decades. The people, profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements consistently capture the financial health and sustaining power of the business spanning across companies and industries.

We help improve performance – along four dimensions.

| Mergers & Acquisitions

We bring our clients deep expertise in transaction and integration services with deep industry knowledge, and global expertise in more than 10 markets and collective experience of more than 100 years to deliver and sustain M&A programs.

| Financial Advisory

We cover a full range of traditional and innovative financial services and, whether dealing with transactions or acting as advisors, we offer our clients both in-depth knowledge and a strategic view on the matter at hand.

When it comes to handling global and cross-border projects, Aureola’s independence is a decisive factor. Not being confined to a formal network of international partners, we are in a position to hand-pick reputed financial institutions, local lawyers whose expertise precisely fits the client’s needs – and who respect our commitment to absolute transparency, discretion and tight controls on fees and costs.

Our clients include

  • Banks
  • Brokers
  • Sovereign and Private Equity Funds


Many of today’s business organizations are vexed by internal complexity — a proliferation of cumbersome structures, processes, and systems. Our approach helps companies manage the ever-increasing complexity that stifles an organization’s performance and growth. Our delayering and zero-based budgeting approaches also support large-scale transformation and organization change by freeing up resources to drive growth and innovation.

supply chain, manufacturing & working capital

Businesses today are under pressure to do more with less. Leading companies are confronting these challenges by launching aggressive new programs to modernize their supply chains, improve manufacturing efficiency and speed up product development.

Asset optimization
offices & factories

With the onset of COVID and the post-COVID world, businesses must decide not only in which locations their offices, plants and distribution centers reside but also how they’re optimized for topics such as new work policies, regulations, logistics, taxes and duties. We help clients make the best decisions by analyzing new and future demand models, cost drivers in shipping and logistic costs, and manufacturing and supply requirements.

strategic sourcing

Our procurement experts know best how to help teams chart a course to improving how they buy. They blend deep sector-specific knowledge with expertise in procurement best practices across both traditional and digital transformation.

Why us

| Leadership

We are on a joint mission and work with you to achieve more, be better and be faster.

Our founder Nikhil Chadha brings extensive transformation experience of more than 20 years, shaping strategies, bringing fast paced business results for companies of all sizes. He worked in global corporations and with large consultancies, across more than 40 countries. 

He is well connected and brings the right people and partners to the table for conversations that matter.

| Global strategic partnerships


More to come

| Our purpose

To help create sustainable positive impact in the world.

Do you want to create a brighter future with an engaged, connected and happy organization? We can help.

We know that this means hard work – building the strength and resilience to make bold changes where it matters.

“Our ethos is to help companies on their journey to transform performance for all stakeholders making our planet more sustainable and improving the lives of generations to come.”

This is our purpose. This drives us. Everyday.

| Our mission

To help clients create sustainable positive shifts in business performance.

Aiming for greatness requires one to focus on the essentials from the perspective of all stakeholders. Making change happen from within rather than an army of external consultants.

The obsession for quality is often inconvenient but non-negotiable. Change without a focus on quality is an illusion and results in under-performance. The good news is that it comes at no extra cost, rather a business benefit in the long run.

Transformation requires strong leadership – far more than one hero. A well-connected change coalition made up of leaders, managers and influencers across the company is fundamental.

Bold shifts call for clarity and focus.

| Our values

Passion for the highest impact
  • engage at the executive level to deliver the highest and most holistic impact
  • bring innovations to clients
  • build client capabilities to sustain improvement
  • build enduring relationships based on trust
Unparalleled environment for our people
  • be non-hierarchical and inclusive
  • sustain a caring meritocracy
  • develop one another through apprenticeship and mentoring
  • uphold the obligations to engage
  • embrace diverse perspectives with curiosity and respect govern ourselves as a “one firm” partnership
Highest professional standards
  • maintain an independent perspective
  • maintain high standards and conditions for client service
  • observe high ethical standards, honesty and integrity
  • preserve client confidence

| Our approach


We work with your team to develop and execute winning strategies. We’ll help you mobilize for change, navigate uncertainty, and flex as needed, so you achieve sustained, profitable growth—a feat only 1 in 10 companies manage to pull off.

We call that “skill and will to win”.

Deliver RESULTS with SPEED

Implementable strategies driven from within the company. We help identify what needs to be done in order to rapidly transform into a new normal. Inspired and guided by our deep expertise from strategy to execution across a broad industrial base.

We call that “the right focus at all times” for you.

Never compromise on

Quality that ensures what is best for the business. We rigorously face realities and help you build on your company’s strengths while addressing the real pain points. We help you to continuously improve and innovate where it matters.

We call that “quality obsession”.

Establish CONNECTION and BUILD FROM WITHIN without an army of consultants

Lasting change through strong connections. A rapid transformation requires bold leadership and employees from within the company to connect the dots, to drive the change, to own the transformation. We work with you and for you across all levels starting from the top.

We call that an “internal change coalition”.

We bring experience, expertise, and passion to your transformation.

| Industry expertise

Our work

| Cases

How to propel the performance of a $10Bn global automation business
implemented over 2-3 years


  • Drastic drop in sales
  • Highly diversified but unproductive product portfolio
  • Highly customized product with numerous product options
  • Too many manufacturing sites in the network
  • Broken supply chain with high lead and poor delivery times

Our work

Setting up a program to increase productivity of the sales force, R&D, end to end supply chain and fixed asset network. Deliver results with speed and without business disruption through strong internal change leadership paired with content expertise.


in revenues (1% of sales)

in manufacturing sites

in net working capital

in net promoter score

Turnaround of a $2Bn loss-making, high-tech business
implemented over 3 years


  • Dramatic volatility in robot sales
  • Limited and unprofitable product portfolio
  • Highly customized product with numerous product options
  • Broken supply chain processes and demoralized workforce

Our work

Addressing all areas at the same time with high urgency but without business disruption: sales, supply chain, manufacturing, product, business management, quality.


in revenues (5% of sales)

in product lead times

on-time delivery (to>95%)

How to simplify a multi-billion dollar global industrial giant
over 2 years


  • Very complex structures with three-dimensional matrix, overlapping roles
  • Difficult to work with, too complex, too slow

Our work

Design and manage a strategic change program that leads to tangible results in no time and with zero business disruption ensuring that leaders stay on board and drive the transformation with full accountability.


in cost synergies

Simpler go-to-market
and divisional structures

Clearer metrics
roles & accountabilities

legal entity setup

Companies we have worked for


HB Fuller





Ford Motor Company





| Our contact

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